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We are very excited to have some caterpillars spending some time at Haddon! Year 3 are going to be keeping a diary as they turn into butterflies over the next few weeks.

Day 15: The Release!

Day 15: The Release! 1

WOW! WHAT A DAY! My friends and I have all wriggled out of our chrysalises and I have to tell you, we all look A-MAZING!! I was first (obviously) but it wasn’t too long before all of us were walking around our home waggling our feelers and our wings (Our wings! Can you believe it?) at each other. One of us had a crinkled wing because his chrysalis had fallen onto the floor but he’s alright and just needs to practise with his wings.


Lots and lots of children and adults came to look at us. We were very scared but loved showing them our wings of orange and black. They took our cage outside – it was great to feel the wind and fresh air against our feelers. We were taken to a big garden full of plants and signs and some bulbs which had grown into amazing flowers.


Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of children watched us over a fence. Some of the children opened our house. At first we didn’t want to come straight out but then we were brave enough to do it. We felt very proud because we looked so beautiful!


The first of us wanted to try her wings so she fluttered up into the air and everybody cheered! But the rest of us have had such a lovely time that we wanted to stay for a while. So we walked around and said thank you to everybody and showed them our lovely wings before eventually we decided to fly into the sky. I’m about to go now, but we will come back and say hello, so please look out for us when you are playing!


Thank you everybody for looking after us!


From the Butterflies.

Day 14

Day 14 1
Day 14 2
Day 14 3
Day 14 4
Day 14 5
Day 14 6

This has been a fun morning! I woke up after a really nice long nap and feel MAGNIFICENT! It was a bit of a struggle getting out of bed this morning, because somehow my bedclothes seemed a little tight... I wiggled my way out of my chrysalis and blinked a few times - it was so bright! Then I stretched my legs and my... antennae? and my... WINGS?! What has happened? I look - totally different! 


I also felt REALLY REALLY hungry! Fortunately three lovely children came along and it was just as if they had read my mind: they were carrying some flowers and leaves for me to crawl onto and they gently put them around our house. Next, they sprinkled some droplets of lovely sweet liquid which has given me some extra energy. These children are great! I can't wait for my friends to wake up and then we can test out our wings (and mine are particularly beautiful if I do say so myself!).


Harry, Katie-May and Joe

Day 11

Day 11 1
Day 11 2
Day 11 3

(As the caterpillars are asleep in their chrysalises, today’s entry is brought to you by Year 3!)


Today after assembly we went with Miss Capek to move the caterpillars out of their pot so that they can hatch out of the chrysalises and turn into beautiful butterflies! We got them out of the pot and then we took the lid off and there were four on the lid. One was on the floor of the little pot. The ones on the lid were all shaking and really moving around, even when the lid was still. Then we put them in the green box, and put that in the butterfly container (the one that’s made out of net). Tabitha asked a question “Do caterpillars always shake?” and we looked in a book but it didn’t tell us. All it said was that it doesn’t move for a week. So we might have to wait until next week to see what happens next!


Louie, Jacob and Tabitha

Days 8 to 10

Days 8 to 10 1
Days 8 to 10 2

Oh dear… we DEFINITELY must have said something this time, because the children have been gone for FOUR days! There have been some adults around but (don’t tell them!) the children are MUCH more fun. We miss them!

We’ve been eating so much delicious food and we’re all getting rather big now. Also we’re feeling quite tired. Maybe it’s the weather…just feeling so sleepy. Three of us have climbed up to the ceiling – it just feels like the right thing to do. I’m going to head up there myself…just…feeling…so…sleepy… (yawn)

Day 6 and 7

Day 6 and 7 1
Day 6 and 7 2

We’ve been here for nearly a week now and we really feel at home! We have all grown a lot! Yesterday, I heard we were all 2.5 cm long. Our tasty food is really good for us! Because we are growing bigger we have had to shed our old skins – they were getting too tight and small. Some of the people who have come to see us have noticed some bits of our old outfits in our little home… we’re not very tidy!

Today the children came back to measure us again. They are obviously very clever! All but one of us are now 3cm long…our littlest friend is still 2.5cm. Another friend has gone up to the ceiling to have a look and see whether it is good for us to hang our chrysalises from. He says it looks great!

Day 5:

Day 5: 1
Day 5: 2
Day 5: 3

Well, we had two very quiet days – there were no people or children around at all! We were really worried that we had said something to upset them and we really missed them. But today everybody was back! This morning, two boys and a girl visited us again and measured us. We have all grown a lot – we are now big and fat! I heard that me and my friend are now 1.7cm long and our other two friends are 1.5cm long. The oldest of us is 1.8cm long. Our food must be really healthy and has lots of vitamins in it. The three children took our little plastic cup out and took some pictures. My friend was wiggling and saying to the girl “Stop looking at me!” because he was a bit scared! The children noticed our spikes and saw our silky webs – we’re just practising for our next big change…

Day 2: Meeting new people!

Day 2: Meeting new people! 1
Day 2: Meeting new people! 2

This morning we were having our breakfast when two children (a boy and a girl) picked up our house! They carried us into a large room which was PACKED with children. They seemed so interesting! I hope we get to meet them all soon. It was very loud and the lady from yesterday held us up and showed us off. We all smiled and waved hello to everybody! Two boys then took us back to our spot outside the ‘staffroom’.

Later on, three boys came to look at us. One of them had a ruler and he measured each of us. I heard that I was 1cm long. My friend was 1.7cm and the other was 1.9 cm long. The last of us was also 1cm long. Something tells me that we’re going to get a LOT bigger in the next few weeks!

Caterpillars Day 1: Part 3 Exploring our new home!

Caterpillars Day 1: Part 3 Exploring our new home! 1

We have spent some time exploring our home. It is clear plastic sort of cup with a white lid. It’s quite small, but perfect for all five of us to live in. At the bottom is our food – it is a dark beige colour and it looks a bit like sand. It’s very tasty and we can help ourselves to it – it’s all you can eat!

Day 1 Part 2: Moving into our new home

Day 1 Part 2: Moving into our new home 1
Day 1 Part 2: Moving into our new home 2
Day 1 Part 2: Moving into our new home 3

Now three other children are taking us somewhere. How exciting! There are two girls and a boy and they seem overjoyed! Where are they taking us? The smallest girl is carrying our little pot and we are all walking along a corridor. We can hear lots of children talking and learning. It’s still very bright – much better than being in that box! We’re going around the corner and through a door into a dining room. The children have stopped and are looking at a cylinder made of netting. It is very colourful – white, green and pictures of butterflies on it! Is this our new home? I hope so, we really love it


Daud, Katie-May and Scarlett

Day 1 - Part 1: Coming out of the box

Day 1 - Part 1: Coming out of the box 1

Well today has been very interesting! We have been in the dark for ages – bouncing around and being turned upside down and bustled about – we didn’t know WHAT was going on! We thought something was about to happen, because after being carried about for ages, we suddenly stopped moving. Then we moved a little more and stopped again and we heard a voice saying “Can I have some helpers?”.


There was a lot of noise and suddenly we were in the light again! Three children had opened our box (Oh - that’s why it was dark!) and picked up our pot. It was a little bit scary, because they were very excited and were asking loads of questions about us!


Lewis, Grace and Evelyn