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Autumn 2nd half term newsletter FS1

Autumn 1st half term newsletter 2017

Look how much fun we are having settling in with our new friends!

Welcome to FS1!


We are a class that really enjoy learning through play.  We have a great classroom with lots of fun resources to help us learn. Our Foundation Stage team carefully plan teaching and learning to take account of children’s individual needs.


We are part of the Early Years Foundation Stage and our activities are planned around the 7 areas of learning. We have a different topic focus each term.


We always have high expectations for good behaviour and working happily together in our unit and this is supported by our Five Finger rules


  • Our Five Finger rules keep us safe and happy
    • We listen to each other
    • We are polite to everyone
    • We always try our best
    • We are kind
    • We look after our environment


Here is an overview of the coming term and what we have planned for your children to enjoy!


Autumn Term 2017

During the whole term our topic focus will be; Autumn At School


In the first half term we will be learning:

  • learning our class routine
  • thinking about people who are important to us
  • making new friends
  • learning about harvest

We will be using non-fiction books and the internet to help us find out different information as well as using a story of the week to support our Literacy.

Our book list is;

  • But Martin
  • So Much
  • The Little Red Hen
  • Leaf Man
  • The Diwali Story


We will also be teaching your children how to 'bubble count' after using the toilet to make sure hands are always washed properly.


During the second half term we will be learning:

  • About different festivals and celebrations
  • About ways we travel
  • About changing seasons
  • To verbally re-tell stories
  • All about Christmas 

Our book list is:

  • Rosie's Walk
  • The Three Little Pigs
  • The Magic Porridge Pot
  • Christmas Stories

Our routines

Our children arrive at FS1 or Nursery, coming in through the wooden gate and self-register. (Parents, you are welcome to bring your children across to our carpet area to self-register.) We do some welcoming activities and find out what the day has in store for us.


We then have some outdoor play time. We have teaching slots at 8.55, 10.15 and 11.30 which consist of Maths, Phonics, Story Time, Circle Time and PE.  Each teaching slot lasts around 15 minutes.


Milk and Fruit time happens at 10.30.  In between the teaching slots, children play indoors and/or outdoors and access activities that support their development in the seven areas of learning either independently or in a focussed activity with an adult.  Adults observe and interact with children to assess what they are able to do, what their next steps need to be and to help them progress towards those next steps.


On Wednesdays and Fridays we have PE.  FS1 children don't need to bring a PE kit, but we are starting to practise taking off and putting on our own shoes and socks, when we work indoors in the hall.  Practicing this, and putting on and fastening our own coats at home, would be really useful.


We encourage our children to share books at home with an adult and reward them for doing this, when we have seen the completed reading diary each Monday, by moving them up our reading rainbow.


We use the "Good to be Green" system to encourage our children to follow the rules to keep everyone happy and safe.


We store a lot of the data that we collect about children's achievements and progress electronically, but we also have Learning Journeys which will contain longer observations of your child, photos of activities, certificates achieved, and Magic Moments from home.  This is a joint home and school celebration of what your child has achieved and will be available for you to browse through at your next Termly Learning Conference. Please do support us by sending in some Magic Moments slips when it's appropriate to fill one in.  (Please see the Magic Moments board and box near the cloakroom.)

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