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Year 1 Homework

Homework in 1S 2014 - 15


Starting from October half term, a piece of numeracy or literacy (or occasionally topic work) is sent home on a Monday, to be handed in the next Monday.


Children are expected to read with an adult at home at least 3 times a week and more if possible as  Year 1 can often be a time of massive progress, particularly in reading.(Please sign the Link-Up Diary to say every time you read with your child. When you are ready for a new book write “Change Please”.)


Weekly word lists are in the link-up diaries for children to practise reading and spelling, suggestions for activities are included. Aim to practise these at least a couple of times a week.


I will be sending a Year 1 Maths homework book home with lots of fun activities which you can choose from freely to practice whenever you like.


Extra practice at home really makes a huge difference to progress so please do try to find a few minutes to spend with your children every day practising reading, word lists or maths games.


Many thanks for your support.