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Curriculum Enquiry

Autumn Term


We are beginning our enquiry this year on a whole school enquiry looking at the wonderful book ‘Here we are’ and making links to the world around us and all that it holds.
Our main enquiry for this term is ‘The Toy Story- how have toys changed?’ This will link in with our learning in lots of different subjects driven by History discussing toys from the past and Science looking at different materials toys are made from. Thank you to those that have brought in photos of toys from past generations for us to look at and discuss soon.

Phonics and Reading is a huge part of the Year 1 curriculum and the children take part in a national screening at the end of the academic year, which is currently still due to go ahead in the summer. There will be more information and support about this later in the year. We therefore do Phonics every day and it’s important the children are given the opportunity to read books at their level as often as possible.

In English we will continue working on confidence in writing by working in smaller groups until the end of this term. The children will continue to learn how to write sentences, use capital letters and full stops accurately as well as working on our school’s cursive font- or as the children call it ‘fancy pantsy writing!’

In Maths this term we are looking at Place Value focussing on counting, one more and one less than and ordering numbers to 30. As well as this we will be learning how to add and subtract numbers more confidently, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Also we will be finding out about 2D and 3D shapes, too!


How can you help your child with their learning at home?

- Please do try to read with your child each day and sign or write in their reading diary once they’ve done so, little and daily will help them apply learning and learn this key life skill. Once they are ready for a new book please write ‘Please change.’ We always assess the children’s reading regularly and we are wanting the children to build confidence in reading but if you feel the books are still too easy, please let one of us know and we’d be happy to read with them.

- Allow the children to share their knowledge of Phonics when reading and apply this to different words in their environment from fridge magnets to bus stops.

- Begin to talk about what time it is, how to read the time or what time of day we do things.

-Counting 1-100 with them, forwards and backwards and times tables and counting in 2s,5s and 10s are great ways of helping your child feel more confident with numbers.

- Since the children are still very young, learning to get changed for P.E. is really important. The children should be able to do this independently, with little help so allowing them to change themselves at home is a really important skill.