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Foundation Stage 1/ Nursery

Welcome to FS1!


We are a class that really enjoy learning through play.  We have a great classroom with lots of fun resources to help us learn. Our Foundation Stage team carefully plan teaching and learning to take account of children’s individual needs and interests.


We are part of the Early Years Foundation Stage and our activities are planned around the 7 areas of learning. 

Mrs BeardallMrs Beardsall


The adults that help us with our learning in FS1 are;

Mrs Beardall and Mrs Beardsall




We will encourage your child to be involved in a variety of learning experiences during each day.  Some of these will be whole class experiences, some will be in small group situations and sometimes your child will work independently.  Teaching and learning in the Early Years Foundation stage is based on PLAY and TALK.



F1 Caterpillars Home Learning Power Point

Please fill in this contact form to register for FS1

Please provide your child's name, date of birth, address and your contact telephone number and we will put your child's name on the list for FS1. We will contact you the term before your child is 3 years old.