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Friday 5th March

It's our last day of remote learning! smileyyes

A huge well done from me for all your efforts - children and parents.

You have been amazing.

Keep up your great efforts at home for one last day.  I can't wait to see you all on Monday!heart


Work on times tables rock stars for at least ten minutes today!

Scores at 6am: Eagles - 5918, Lions - 3259

Can we catch up? The tournament ends at 3pm!


Statistics assessment

Review all of your learning on presenting information in different ways - tallying, pictograms, bar charts and tables.

No videos to support you today, so work hard on showing off to me how much you remember from your learning over the past couple of weeks!



It's time to edit, improve and complete our Sound Collector poems.  Can wait to read the finished poems and I'm so looking forward to hearing you rap them next week!



Enjoy another lesson with Senorita Harrison.

We have a new Spanish teacher coming in to work with us for one lesson every week, starting on Tuesday next week.  It will be lots of fun!



Ahead of your return to your usual class routine, we’d like to imagine that you are an astronaut returning to earth from space exploration! Just like how your life and routines may have been different over the past few months, we’d like you to reflect on that time and complete the astronaut below to take back to school.  Look at Miss Capek's video about this activity and then complete the sheet.


Another huge thank you from me for your massive efforts in maintaining your child's learning, progress and well-being through this period of lockdown.
Remember the resource that Miss Capek and Mrs Etherington shared on the Whole School Story yesterday that you may find useful if your child is feeling anxious or experiencing a range of emotions about returning to school.  I'll attach it again here.
Have a wonderful weekend - see you on Monday!