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WELCOME TO YEAR 6 Class Kangaroo



Welcome back to Year 6; I hope that everyone had a lovely Easter Holiday. I find it hard to believe we have reached Summer Term so quickly and it will be the children’s last term at Haddon. Year 6 have worked tremendously hard so far this year and have made some fantastic progress, which I hope is reflected in their upcoming assessments.

English: We will begin the term reading ‘Cogheart’ and writing from different characters’ perspective in the story. During this half term, we will be concentrating on short stories to make sure we have the evidence to show off all of the skills they have developed and impressed us with this year. We will also be working on editing and improving the children’s writing. In GPS, we are revising the different vocabulary and techniques to prepare children for their upcoming assessments.

Maths: In Maths this term, we have begun revising some topics covered earlier in the Autumn term. These include: place value, rounding, reasoning problems, fractions and algebra. Children are also working hard on their arithmetic methods first thing in the morning. Once SATs have finished, we will work on gaps in the children’s learning to help prepare them for their transition to secondary school.

Topic: This term we will be studying ‘The Victorians’ and looking into what it was like to grow up during the Victorian period. I love this topic and can’t wait to immerse the children in the topic and all the different aspects of the period.

DARE: Also, starting this week, children will be taking part in the DARE programme. Children will take part in ten sessions working on different scenarios on how to stay safe and make the correct choice in different situations.

PE: This term PE will be on a Tuesday and Friday. On a Tuesday, children will be working with Premier Sport doing Street Dance. On a Friday, we will begin summer sports of cricket, rounders and preparing the children for Sports Day.

Homework: Homework will continue to be handed out on Wednesday and to be returned on the following Monday. I must say a big thank you for all the hard work, which has been put into the homework this year.

Home: We are again, really encouraging children to be reading at least three times a week at home this term. Children still have access to Spelling shed, SPAG.COM &TTRockstars, which are all fantastic resources to support them in their learning at home.

Once again, I look forward to another great term with Year 6 and supporting them with their transition to Secondary, ensuring it is as smooth as possible for them.

Mr Mills