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Hello everyone and welcome back,

Happy Summer term!
I hope you're all well and healthy and excited for the beginning a new term.
We know that this is not a normal beginning to a term, but we once again thank you for supporting us and your children during this time. 


Hopefully for those parents with more than one child at Haddon, it will be slightly easier for you to do this, as the enquiry learning will be along the same theme, where possible, until we return. I am really excited to be back to work and look forward to speaking to you all throughout the week about what Easter adventures you have been up to!

I am still posting daily videos of stories on YouTube (there were some technical glitches last week but all sorted now!) for the children to enjoy along with daily phonics videos, which hopefully will be useful. Also, lots of content is being shared by me and school, as well as other parents/teachers on Twitter, too!

So looking forward to being back with you all, 

Miss Thomas