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Year 6 SATs results - 2018




What are the SATs and do my children have to take them?
These are currently, the Statutory Assessment Tests set by the government for years 2 & 6
SATs tests are pretty central to primary school assessment, with children taking them at the end of years 2 and 6. However, for year two, there has been a move away from formal testing recently, and children are now assessed by their teacher, using ongoing tasks, as well as the SATS tests, which are administered more informally. Year 6 writing is also no longer subject to testing and results are based on the teacher's assessment .

In other years, teachers look at children's performance against the curriculum targets and base their levels on this.


How can I help my child through the SATs/ any recommended work I can do to help my child?

You can practice skills at home, there are a number of websites which can help you with this – see our links on the class pages – and there are also books which you can buy to help your child revise for the tests. Nearer the time the teachers will send out information about how you can support your children and may provide practice work to try at home.


The link below will provide you with information regarding the Keystage 2 test results and progress from 2015. In 2016, the new more challenging national curriculum which was introduced in 2014, was assessed by new tests and interim frameworks for teacher assessment. Results are no longer reported as levels each pupil received their test results as a scaled score and teacher assessments based on the standards in the interim frameworks. Because of these changes the figures in 2016 are not comparable to those for earlier years. The expectations for the pupils have been raised. Results for 2016 will be published here as soon as they have been confirmed, validated and made available to schools.