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Thursday 11th February


Watch my video to help you to be successful with today's number bonds grid, 10 in 10 and Times Tables Rock Stars battle. I wonder who's winning this morning? Watch to find out!


This is our end of block assessment for our work on money.  See if you can answer the questions based on all the knowledge you've built up over the last couple of weeks working on money.


If you've submitted the live lesson protocols form that Miss Capek sent out last week, I'll be sending you an invitation to today's Live Lesson at 10am.  We'll be having a celebration of all of our Enquiry lessons for this half term and seeing if we can answer our question: What's the Earth made of?  We'll be enjoying a fun quiz to see whether your knowledge from this half term has become sticky! There'll be a prize in the post for the winner!


It's time to write the resolution/fix problem paragraph and the ending of our story today.  I'm really looking forward to reading all of your completed stories!


What else can you learn about Mary Anning today?  Enjoy my lesson video and then complete yesterday's fact sheet or have a go at a detailed sketch of Mary's first amazing find of the complete icthyosaur (fish lizard) fossil.