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Wednesday 10th February


Watch my video and work hard at your number bonds grid and ten in ten - are you starting to remember more of those subtraction facts to help you beat your time?

Have a go on times tables rock stars for 10 minutes.  

Current score: Girls 1093, boys 547.


Spr3.5.2 - Give change

Please watch the video and pause to do the tasks it asks you to do before you have a go at the worksheet.


Watch my video to help you be successful with today's fast learning and grammar blast.  Then watch as I show you how to check through your opening and build up from yesterday and write your problem (and your resolution as well if you have time) today.  



I'm really excited by today's enquiry lesson! Prepare to be inspired by the story of a remarkable woman who changed the course of scientific history! Hope you enjoy it too!


Just so you know - tomorrow is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science for 2021.