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Week 5 - 04.05.20 - 08.05.20

Many of you have been contacting me regarding problems with Purple Mash, for example failing to save work and crashing. Unfortunately due to high demand, the website has been experiencing a few issues.

Purple Mash also works better on a desktop computer or laptop rather than a tablet, please use these if you have access to one. I recommend that when you hand in your work, leave me note detailing any problems you've experienced - please do not get stressed about this!


Remember guys to keep me up to date on the Purple Mash Blog! Let me know how you're all getting on, you can do this by logging into purple mash > select 'Sharing' (green Earth logo) > select the tab 'Shared Blogs' > select 'Year 5 Snow Monkeys' > select the green plus sign in the top right corner to add a post.


NOTE: If you're struggling with saving and handing in your work (2dos) on Purple Mash - try doing the activities in your book where possible. For example, the previous 2do of creating a planet profile could be hand written in your books or quiz question answers could also be written in your books. Try your best with this, any questions about this, please email: ajumbu@haddon.notts.sch.uk