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Year 5

Summer Term 2020 Newsletter

Welcome back Snow Monkeys!


I hope you have all had a fantastic Easter holiday and welcome back to your final term of Year 5!


So far, I have been incredibly impressed with the attitudes, hard work and dedication children have shown with their home learning tasks. I could not be more proud Year 5, and I would like to thank all parents that have also been working incredibly hard at home – you have all been amazing! 


As discussed previously, children need to continue to ensure that throughout the week (Mon-Fri) they are completing the daily activities such as reading and use of Times Table Rock Stars (these activities are listed in the ‘Home Learning Information 2020’ tab above).

Furthermore, children also need to be completing their Maths, English, Enquiry and Purple Mash tasks which I am uploading on the school website on a daily basis (these can be found in the ‘Home Learning Information 2020’ tab above, under the heading ‘Daily Plans’).
The daily Maths, English and Enquiry tasks need to be completed in the exercise books provided. I also understand that some of you have been having some issues handing in work on Purple Mash, again, I would recommend that children complete these activities in your exercise books where possible e.g. the previous 2do of creating a planet profile could be written in your exercise books – please try your best with this.


On Purple Mash you can also keep me updated on the sharing blog. You can do this by logging into purple mash > selecting ‘Sharing’ (green Earth logo) > select the tab ‘Shared Blogs’ > select ‘Year 5 Snow Monkeys’ > select the green plus sign in the top right corner to add a post. You can post photos, videos of what you are doing on there, alongside any questions you might have regarding work – maintaining communication is key during these times, so please take time to post on the blog if you can.
Alternatively, email me at:
ajumbu@haddon.notts.sch.uk and let me know how you’re getting on!


If anyone is having trouble accessing the daily tasks above, again please contact me on: ajumbu@haddon.notts.sch.uk and I will be more than happy to support you.


Again, I would like to say a massive thank you to all of you. Your hard work, commitment and enthusiasm does not go unnoticed. Keep DREAMING BIG and AIMING HIGH!


Warm Regards and stay safe!

Miss Jumbu