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School Meals and Drinks

School meals are available each day. These are cooked on the premises and are of a healthy content to promote healthy eating. The cost of the meal is £2.30. There is a link to the menu below. 


Milk is the ideal mid-morning drink for your child. For children under 5 and those children entitled to a free school meal, milk is free. For others the cost of milk is approximately £15 a term. If you would like your child to have milk you must register on the Cool Milk website - www.coolmilk.com


Water bottles for pupils can be purchased for 30p from the school office.



If you think you are eligible for free meals the relevant application forms are available from the Area Education Office. Please ask at the school office for details. Alternatively for information on eligibility and applying for free school meals click on the link below.



  • Dinner money to be sent in on a Monday morning with a note of which days your child will be staying.  Either use a dinner purse (provided by school*) or send in an envelope with child’s name and class on the front.


  • Dinner purses will be returned to you on either Thursday or Friday after school. We  provide a slip inside the purse for you to mark the days a meal is required for the following week.


  • If your child is absent on a Monday, send the money and note in on the first day back.


  • School meals now £2.25 per day.  Please send exact money or pay by cheque payable to Notts County Council.  You can pay for more than one week at a time – but make sure the money is divisible by £2.25 and state that on the note.


  • No fruit drinks available to purchase – but water will be available.  If you want to send your child in with a fruit drink (no fizzy drinks) you may do so – please make sure your child’s name is written on.


  • Children eligible for free school meals will also have a purse – please send this in on a Monday with a note of the days meals are required.


  • Unless you have advised us that your child wants the vegetarian option, all children will have the same meal option.  (Menus will be sent out termly).


  • Class Teachers will ask the children at the beginning of each day who is having a school dinner that day.  Numbers are then given to the cook from the response.  So please ensure your child knows each day if they are having a school dinner so they are included.


  • If you need a dinner purse for your child please let the office staff know. 



If you have any other queries please get in touch with the office staff.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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