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After School Activities and lunch time clubs

Premier Education run dance and sport clubs throughout the year at Haddon.  Please click on their website to book into the relevant course for this school for the term.  www.premier-education.com


Dance is a KEY requirement within KS2 PE. Dance allows an opportunity for pupils to show creativity where they may not in the classroom. Dance allows pupils to express themselves in other ways.
Pupils will have access to a variety of dance, such as ;- Cheerleading, street dance, salsa, creating a link with drama, and so much more!
Dance enables music to be based around ANY topic (e.g. the Vikings) so dance can enable and further learning in the classroom!
Children all have an opportunity to excel in being creative by adding their own moves and using their own initiative towards dance.


We're doing Musical Theatre on a Tuesday, £3 per child per session. And the website link to book on is www.premier-education.com.