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Global Citizenship



It's so good to see the children of Haddon embracing Global Citizenship and to hear them discussing, from a young age, about where they come from, what they belong to and about their influences upon the wider community and how we are and can all make a difference.

Looking at the local community and all it has to offer, thinking about how we need to protect it for the future; the celebration of festivals and traditions from many cultures; the study of other countries and our inter-dependency; learning to greet each other in Spanish; are all part of the diverse Teaching and Learning at Haddon and they are all giving the children meaningful contexts for their learning.


Do you have talents (fluent in Spanish!), experiences, knowledge or ideas that can be used to reflect our belief in the importance of us all becoming Global Citizens then, don't be shy, talk to Miss Capek or Mr McKibbin about what you would like to share with us.

Look at how much our RE trips to places of Worship and other special places bring our learning to life and teach to be tolerant and respectful to people who have different cultures and beliefs to us.

Year 6 Visit to the National Holocaust Centre July 2019

Year 2 visit to Nottingham Liberal Synagogue July 2019

Year 1 visit to Westdale Lane Baptist Church June 2019

Y3 visit St James Church June 2019

William Booth Birthplace Museum Year 5 April 2019

FS2 visit to St James Church April 2019

Y4 visit the Hindu Temple on Carlton Road - June 2018