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Welcome to the Governor page of the website.  In this section you can find out about who are governors are and their responsibilities




Scott Burt

Co-opted Governor since July 2010

Current term of office ends December 2024


Areas of responsibility:

  • Chair of Governing Board
  • Appraisal Governor
  • Health and Safety
  • School Improvement Priority 1 - Leadership


  • School Improvement
  • Resources
  • Pay


I have lived in Carlton for 18 years and have one child at Haddon who very much enjoys being at the school and another who has now moved onto secondary school at Carlton Academy. I became a governor as I have a keen interest in education and wanted to contribute to the school. In May 2013 I became the Chair of the Governing Board, a role that was both challenging and very rewarding.




Doug Perry

Parent Governor since May 2013

Current term of office ends May 2021

Roles/Areas of responsibility:

  • Vice Chair
  • Chair of resources


  • School Improvement 
  • Resources 
  • Pay 


I have two children who attend Haddon and another that will join in the coming years. I became a governor as I wanted to give my time to school to contribute and support teachers and staff in my role as a governor. I want to ensure the school continues to offer the best possible education to every pupil now and for the future. The role is varied, challenging and very rewarding; I became Vice Chair of the Governing Body in 2014 and Chair in 2020. AS of December 2020 I am now vice chair.




Lesley Winfield

Co-opted Governor since September 2004

Current term of office ends January 2024 

Roles/Areas of responsibility

  • SIC priority 5 -
  • Curriculum, Head Teacher Appraisal
  •  Complaints


  • School Improvment 


I have worked in the financial services industry for over 34 years and have been based in the local community for the last 15 years .


I started as a Parent Governor when my 3 children started school. I wanted to be able to understand more about how parents could support their children during their education and to help ensure that the school was providing the right environment for learning. I feel that as a working parent, trying to juggle the " work life balance" I have been able to best represent  Haddon families .

My children had a fantastic school experience at Haddon and moved on the secondary school well equipped to continue with their learning journey through GCSE's ,A-Levels and University degree. I continue to be a Governor,long  after my children have left, so that I can help ensure that all Haddon pupils have the same experience and leave Haddon looking forward excitedly to Secondary school.


Tracey Coutts-Smith (awaiting photo)

Parent Governor since May 2013


  • Safeguarding



  • School Improvement 


I am one of the Parent Governors at Haddon. I am now into my second term of office, which means I have been an active member of the Governing Body for 5 years. I attend termly Governor Days, as well as the full Governing Body meetings.


I grew up in South London and moved to Nottingham to attend University. very quickly settled in this city and made it my permanent home. As a teacher of English in a large Academy on the other side of the city, I already had an interest in education but I hadn’t given any thought to what school governors did until my own child started Primary school. When a governor vacancy became available, I welcomed the opportunity to take a more active role in my own child’s school. Being a member of the Governing Body is a huge responsibility and one that do not take lightly. One of my key duties is to oversee Safeguarding provision at Haddon and to ensure the school is fully compliant with all government and Trust requirements, policies and practices. It is one of the most important aspects of a school and something that Ofsted closely scrutinise.


Another area that I monitor is the teaching of English. I love books and find language endlessly fascinating so this part of the curriculum was a natural one for me to be assigned to. When I visit school, I have the privilege of speaking to pupils about what they are learning and how they are learning it. It is always wonderful to hear them speak so enthusiastically about something they have read or to be shown written work in which they have so much pride.



Other Governors


Nina Capek - Head teacher


Chris Kirk appointed February  2020 - term expired 2024





School Governors


School Governors are all volunteers who are interested in and very enthusiastic about the education of all children.  No one member has authority as this sits with the whole body. The Governing Body at Haddon is comprised of 10 Governors including staff, parents, representation from the Local Authority and Co-opted Governors who bring specific skills to the group.


Our main role is to support the Headteacher and the staff. We help them to set and reach targets and to strive for excellence across the whole spectrum of school life.


Our legal duties include:-

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

The full Governing Body meets at once every term. At Haddon we have three sub-committees that meet at least once every term and twice during some terms:


•   School Improvement Committee

•   Resources Committee

•   Pay Committee


The School Improvement Committee’s role is to look in detail at the academic progress of the school, help set and monitor progress against the objectives in the School Development Plan.  The Resources Committee’s role is to agree and monitor the school budget and deployment of resources including teaching and non-teaching staff.  The Pay Committee ensures that the school’s Pay Policy is implemented effectively


Minutes of meetings along with a school accounts statement are available on request from the school office.


We attend training sessions, seminars and conferences to help us keep up to date with changes in schools and education and to help us do our job effectively. We also make visits into school to meet with the Headteacher, other members of staff and pupils to help us find out how the school is progressing towards its targets.


None of our governors have any other relevant business interests or governor involvement with any other schools or educational establishments.


There are also no relationships between governors and members of the school staff including spouses, partners and relatives.


We are committed to providing an excellent environment for all pupils to enjoy during their time at our school.                              


How do we contact governors?

You can either leave a note / letter with the school office or leave your contact details with a request to contact you with the school office.

Governors' Newsletter Summer 2017

Register of Business Interests