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10.2.20 Fossils homework, in on 25.2.20 - with online link

Homework in Year 3 Lions is set once per week, usually on a Monday and is expected to be handed in by the following Monday.


Each time your child completes a piece of homework, they are moved up a strip on our class reading and homework rainbow.  Each time they get to the top of the rainbow, they are awarded the next colour band certificate and a small prize to say "Well done".


The homework will vary between English, Maths and Enquiry activities to give you a flavour of what we are learning in class.  It's really supportive to your child's progress if you can spend a little time each week discussing the homework, and how this links to learning we have been doing in class.


Reading with your child is a hugely important part of homework.  Diaries are checked each Monday and each week that your child has read three times or more at home, they will be moved up the reading and homework rainbow again.  This helps to keep them motivated to read, but we hope that the real motivation they get for reading will be:

-in spending quality time with you as parents

-seeing themselves making progress in skills of learning to read and reading to learn

-really enjoying immersing themselves in a book/text.  


Please encourage your child to read for pleasure as often as possible!


Continue to read aloud to them too - this expands their vocabulary, their world views, their love of reading and provides lots of opportunities for quality family time and interesting discussions.