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Key Information

Here’s some information about this school year and the coming Autumn term:


- The children will be taking part in PE on a Thursday afternoon so PE kits are required to be in school. They need to be brought in on Monday (in case of emergencies and especially as we move into colder, muddier months!) and they will be sent home each Friday to be washed.

- One small pair of stud earrings are allowed if wanted. These must be removed for P.E. and if your child cannot remove them independently, please ensure they are not wearing them on Thursdays.

- Please, please remember to write names in all clothes and shoes that are brought into school. We find it very difficult to return clothing that is not named.

-Please make sure you check your child’s book bags every night for important information and letters.

- If your child is going home with someone different or with another parent, please let us or the office know in the morning to avoid confusions at home time.

- Please ensure your child has a water bottle with them in school for throughout the day. Juice is allowed for lunch times, but please ensure if you’re doing this, your child has a water bottle, too. We have cups to give out water if this is an issue, but wish to avoid this if possible.

-Please make sure your child has a coat in school when necessary with them now as the weather turns colder (and wetter!).

- Shoulder length hair or longer must be tied back whilst in school.
- All children in Year 1 are entitled to a free school meal and a dinner purse is not required but the children will need to say during the morning register what they are having.

-If you would like your child to have milk at school please log on to the Cool Milk website where you are able to apply for it and this will be applied from the following week.