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What's the Earth Made Of?

Showcase - 12th February 2020

A big thank you to all the parents and family members who attended our showcase of this half-term's learning.

We hope you enjoyed: our song - Someone to Lava; our performance poem - Plate Tectonics by Andrew Fusek Peters; our own poems based on Plate Tectonics; getting to look at our amazing volcanoes artwork; seeing all our enquiry learning in our learning journeys and reading our 500 word stories for our competition entries. 


Spring 1 - 11th February 2020

Sedimentary sandwiches


We really enjoyed making sedimentary sandwiches to explore how sedimentary rocks are made and fossils are formed.  We were trying to make this knowledge sticky, but we really enjoyed getting our fingers and faces sticky too!


Spring 1 - 4th February 2020

Working scientifically

We enjoyed finding out about different types of rocks - sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic.  We then tested the properties of different rocks to see which would make the best kitchen work top.

We tested for durability (which rock was the most hard-wearing)

and impermeability (which rock was the most waterproof).

Here are photos of our first fair test

- we kept the person the same (Jake) to test all of the rocks by rubbing with a file for the same length of time to help us to make sure our test remained fair. 

After this fair test as a whole class, we were then confident enough to plan and carry our own fair test in groups to test which rock was the most impermeable.

Spring 1 - 16th January 2020

BBC 500 words - Story Competition - Live Lesson

The children were so excited to see "Year 3 Lions at Haddon Primary School" scrolling across the screen with the names of 100s of other schools who also took part in this live lesson.

We will use the ideas and inspiration that came from the live lesson to write our own stories during next week's English lessons.  Mrs Stevenson will then enter all of our stories into the competition.

Spring 1 - 14th January 2020

Hook into our Talk for Writing Text

Bear Grylls - The Volcano Challenge

Our adventure story is about Charlie who loves to play computer games - he is addicted! At summer camp, he suddenly finds himself transported into his favourite game - Magma Quest and arrives on the slopes of a volcano.  Can he use all the skills he's learnt in his gaming to help him get out of danger?

Probably, with a little help from a friend...


We hooked into this story by talking about our own favourite computer games and making up stories that could happen in their settings.


We used the sentence openers

- Once upon a time

- One day

- Unfortunately

- Luckily

- Finally

to help us structure our story ideas, we enjoyed telling them to our partners and some of us shared with the whole class.

Spring 1 - 7th January 2020

What's the Earth Made Of?

Here's how we hooked children into our new Enquiry for this half-term.  Have a look at the newsletter in the letters section of our class page for more details of what we'll be learning.

We made a model volcano and a simulated eruption!

Autumn 2 

Singing at St James' Church Christmas Fair

A huge well done to all those children and families who made the special effort to attend St James' Christmas Fair in December.  We are so proud of all of you and despite being small in quantity, you were in fine voice and gave a performance of excellent quality.


A huge thank you must go from Mrs Stevenson to Mrs Wilson, Mrs Beardsall and Mrs Hatch who also gave up some of their weekend to enable the children to have this opportunity as, sadly,  I couldn't be there myself.